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How to Design a Safari Style Bedroom Getaway

by James H. Sweat, PA 07/04/2021

The safari style in interior design includes the rich and earthy elements of African design and combines them with the clean comfort of traditional European style. If you’re looking to try out this design style in your own home, the bedroom is the best place to start. Here we’ll go over some ideas to create a beautiful and comfortable safari-style bedroom design.

Start With the Bed

One of the most iconic elements of the safari style is a four-poster canopy bed with light, flowing mosquito netting. While you may not need the netting for its intended purpose, draping and layering this delicate-looking fabric will achieve a classic and romantic look. For the bed itself, dark-stained wood will make the best contrast with the gauzy white canopy.

Hang Light-Colored Curtains

Window treatments are another way to bring the African safari style into your bedroom. Go for shades of white or cream in sturdy but comfortable fabrics like linen and hemp. These light-colored drapes are evocative of the European colonial style tent walls and also come with the added benefit of keeping the room cool while blocking out harsh sunlight.

Don’t Shy Away From Animal Prints

Animal prints might seem like an obvious suggestion in creating a safari style bedroom, but it’s important to use this element carefully to avoid creating visual clutter. Opt for animal prints in neutrals rather than bold colors—the more natural and close to the original animal’s coloring the better. You can mix animal prints, but be aware of scale. A tiny cheetah print pairs well with a larger-striped zebra print without clashing.

Combine Earth Tones With Splashes of Bright Color

Earthy tones like brown, sandy beige and muted greens are perfect for safari style design. However, don’t be afraid to add in some more vivid color as well. Traditional African tribal textiles and patterns come in a rainbow of colors that you can mix in with soft neutrals to achieve a balanced but exciting aesthetic. You can also add in color with decor like wall art, throw blankets and lamps.

Accessorize With the Lifestyle In Mind

If you’re struggling to not go overboard with bold prints and animal motifs, another direction to go with your decorating is to evoke aspects of an adventurous lifestyle. Antique suitcases or travel packs, binoculars, globes and vintage maps all make excellent decorative options in a safari bedroom. You also can’t go wrong with hand-carved figurines, tribal masks and wooden beadwork.

Bring Nature Inside

What room design would be complete without a houseplant or two? Conveniently, many popular indoor plants are actually native to Africa which means you can enhance the aesthetic in an authentic way. Snake plants are classic low-maintenance options that purify the air at night while you sleep, making them an excellent bedroom plant and visual statement. Other great options to consider are the spider plant and ZZ plant. These options are easy to care for and will add a refreshing touch of live greenery to your design.

These are only basic guidelines for achieving this exciting and comfortable design style. The details are all up to your preference and will ultimately help you build the style to fit your specific needs. With these tips, you should be well on your way to creating your own unique safari style bedroom.

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